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Welcome to the Intelligence Leadership Forum

The Forum's Intent

The Intelligence Leadership Forum (ILF) was created by Leadership Forum Inc. to bring together recognized intelligence thought and practice leaders to share their practices, discuss the challenges they face, consider the future of intelligence, participate in research, and stay up to date on the latest thinking in related fields. 

The Intelligence Imperative

Intelligence involves analysis of all entities in and around a firm's industry or competitive space (competitors, customers, suppliers, governmental agencies, trade and professional associations) and the forces that affect business performance (including the dynamics of rivalry, the emergence and diffusion of new technologies or products).  The intelligence that an organization collects generates unique insights into their rivals' strategies, intent, marketplace behaviors, operational details, organizational competencies and driving mindsets.  Such insights can make a vital contribution to the critical strategic and organizational challenges that face organizations today.


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When was the ILF founded?

The Intelligence Leadership Forum (ILF) was founded in early 2004.  The first meeting was held in Scottsdale, Arizona in February of that year when a small group of corporate intelligence professionals confirmed the need for a forum in which they could learn from each other.

What is the purpose of the ILF?

The purpose of the ILF is twofold: 1) to enable members to deploy and leverage the practice of intelligence throughout their organizations as a means to enhance strategic, operational and financial performance, and 2) to enable members to improve the performance of their intelligence activities. 

Who are the ILF corporate members?

The ILF currently has approximately 20 member organizations representing a broad spectrum of industries, technologies and size.  The organizations represent multiple approaches to managing intelligence.

Who are the individual members of ILF?

The individuals who participate in the forum are leaders of intelligence work in their respective organizations. Although job titles vary considerably, each person is heavily involved in creating intelligence about the present and the future and works closely with his/her executive team and others in the organization to ensure that the intelligence/decision-making linkage is well effected.

How is the ILF organized?

The Forum is member driven.  Members form an executive committee to help develop the content and direction of the Forum.  They suggest topics for the meetings, develop small working groups to address specific issues, identify relevant research topics, and contribute "cases" from their own organizations around noteworthy events and developments.

How often and where does the Forum meet?

The ILF meets three times each year, typically in early February, late May and late September.  To date, the meetings have been predominately held at locations on the East coast and in the mid-West.  Some of  the previous locations include Scottsdale, Chicago, Boston, Charlotte, West Point and Detroit.  Member organizations can volunteer to host meetings or special events.

What are the key features of ILF meetings?

Each meeting tends to focus largely on two or three topics.  Typically a meeting involves a combination of one or two external speakers and member presentaions.  After each topic is presented, members discuss its intelligence implications, both in general and for their own specific issues and challenges.  Frequently the members conduct a "Peer Assist" where one member presents a current challenge and the other members provide their counsel on what to do.  Open, candid, and constructive dialogue is perhaps the dominant feature of all ILF meetings.

What are the modes of engagement among ILF members?

The Forum provides two principal means for participants to interact and learn from each other: face-to-face meetings and an ILF community website.

There are three face-to-face meetings per year, each about two days in length.  The meetings offer an in-depth exploration of a number of facets of creating and managing intelligence; for example, how to assess a rival's business model, how to build an intelligence culture, how to evaluate methods for sharing intelligence.

The Forum website is a members' only, dedicated and secure virtual community.  It allows members to connect between meetings to address urgent needs as well as to develop discussions and content for future meetings.  The website also contains all meeting-related information and a library of materials from past meetings.

What are the benefits of membership?

Some of the key membership benefits include:

  • Interaction with peers around critical issues in managing intelligence
  • Learning and assessing what leading edge organizations are doing to advance their intelligence practice
  • Dialogue with invited guests from other leading edge organizations around emerging new intelligence practices and methodologies
  • Exposure to research conducted by leading thinkers from many institutional settings, including universities, consulting firms, dedicated research programs and corporations
  • Access to multiple forms of written outputs including meeting materials, new analysis frameworks, descriptions of best practices, documented "cases" outlining individual firms' approaches to managing intelligence, and summaries of electronic issues
  • The opportunity to advance one's own knowledge and understanding in related disciplines and domains (e.g. the latest thinking in strategy)
Who is the sponsoring organization?

The ILF is sponsored and managed by Leadership Forum Inc (LFI).  LFI is a global network of management thinkers, writers, and educators who are dedicated to enhancing leadership capability in organizations: leading in the marketplace, leading within the organization, and leadership as a personal attribute.  LFI provdes executive education, development, change and strategy offerings to organizations that are committed to addressing leadership challenges in the strategic, organizational and personal domains. For further details, visit www.leadershipforuminc.com. 

How do I become a member?
Membership in the Forum is by invitation only.  If you are interested in discussing membership, please email Liam Fahey at [email protected].
Whom do I contact if I have questions?
If you have general questions about the Forum, contact Mary Lou Donovan at [email protected] or 919-309-4024.